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Email:  info@soaps4humanity.com

We Make Handmade Soaps for People in Need!  


Handmade Soaps for Humanity carry out this mission by working with charitable organizations that include shelters, food banks, health and human service groups, locally in the Toledo, Ohio area.  We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that relies solely on donations for purchasing soap making ingredients (for making soap bars) along with other personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc). We also accept personal hygiene donations from businesses, individuals, churches and non-profit groups. Hygiene kits are delivered to the charitable organizations, which are then distributed to those who are in need.  Handmade Soaps for Humanity center its efforts on serving Toledo, Ohio and neighboring cities with hopes of expanding to other states.


1. Donate funds by clicking the donate button below.

2. Collect items at your school, church,  place of business, etc, and we will come to you.

3. Donate personal hygiene items at a designated drop-off location.


We need your help to:

1. Collect personal hygiene items, 

2. Package handmade soaps

3. Assemble hygiene items into ziploc bags all of which will be distributed to people who are experiencing homelessness

Handmade Soaps for Humanity is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that makes soaps for people in need and also provides personal hygiene products, in hopes to increase better health and self-confidence.